If you are ready to
create a new
value-added product
your own fleeces -- consider the
rug yarn we can make for you
with our Belfast Mini-mill Yarn
Our Yarn Maker (for rug yarn or bulky
knitting - or - crochet yarn)
makes a
"bump" of 150 yards, which will weave -
approximately* - a 3'x5' rug (see photo

The rug yarn is priced at
$18.50 per
, out-going weight, which includes
washing, picking, carding and core spinning.
In order to have enough fleece to process
your rug yarn,
please plan on a minimum
of 5 lbs. of raw fleece incoming weight.

Please indicate whether or not your yarn is
intended for weaving into a rug or if you plan
to knit with it; this will determine what type
of core fiber we use. Note that we do not
use a jute core, which causes the yarn to
wear too quickly.

*depending on how tightly the weft is  
Shown above are examples of making rug yarn with
grey wool as a base, and adding white, grey, brown or
black so that you have a wide variety of tones and a
lovely heathery effect. This is going to be made into a
braided rug and it will be beautiful!