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Believe it or not this amazing piece, which was
created on our Belfast felting machine, was done by
a first-time felter! Sue is a hair-dresser by trade,
but obviously incredibly talented. We are amazed
at how beautiful this large piece turned out. At left
is a close up detail of one of the trees. After it was
finished, she machine stitched the fine details to
add depth and interest to her landscape.
While this bear isn't felted, he is handknit with
some of my homespun yarn by my friend Chris. I
just had to show how nicely he turned out, since
Chris and Sue are sisters.
Below is Sue's second felted art using our Belfast felting table. Other
fiber artists are invited to come and use the machine to create their own
felt paintings without the tedium of the process of felting large pieces
by hand.