2015 Pricing

Incoming weight: includes washing, picking, and
carding into
roving or batts.

Corespun Yarn is based on out-going weight
and is
Our Belfast Mini-Mill carding equipment can process your fiber, including all types of wool, as well as alpaca
fleeces, mohair and angora (rabbit) and blends, into carded (not combed) roving or batts
(made into 1 lb. batts unless
you request otherwise, or if your fiber weighs less than 1 lb.)
$6.95 per pound in-coming weight.

Our Yarn Maker can process your shorter fibers into value-added core-spun yarn. $18.50/lb. out-going weight.
Please see our Rug Yarn page for more information.

We can take your felting batts and pre-felt them for you to save you much time and labor. There is an additional fee
of $18 for each piece of felted fabric that we prepare for you, regardless of weight of the piece. Pre-felted pieces
with custom lettering or designs are $35 each.
You can learn more about this process by visiting our pre-felt page here.

We offer our customers the opportunity to have a more active role in producing products from their own
homegrown fibers. You are welcome to make an appointment to come to the mill and see your fiber go from raw
fiber to a product ready for you to use or sell. By participating in the process you not only learn more about how
wool and other fibers are picked/blended and carded into roving, batts, or even made into ready-to-use corespun
yarn, you can also be more creative, because you are right there to change your mind! Contact Jill at
for more information.
If you have some old rovings or batts laying around that are dirty/mashed/felted/ugly, etc., you can bring them
along and have them recarded to create new and exciting fibers from those old and abandoned rovings or batts

If you are unable or unwilling to skirt (clean) your own fleeces, we will do this for you at the rate of $20/lb. of raw
fleece (up to 10 lbs.;--after 10 lbs. there will be an additional charge of $3/lb.) For skirting services, you must pack
each individual fleece into separate bags. Do not put them all together in one bag or box!
NOTE: The processing of wool from raw fleece to finished roving or batts will result in a loss of weight of up to
as much as 30% or more, due to washing out the lanolin and dirt, as well as the weight loss from picking and
carding. We encourage our customers to skirt their fleeces heavily and even pre-wash their fiber before sending it
to useso that they receive the most value for their dollar, because of less in-coming weight.
Please click here to read more about how to "skirt" (i.e. prepare) raw fleeces for processing at the mill.

I can turn your roving into handspun yarn for $0.20 per yard (approximately 250 yards per skein, 100gm/3.5 oz, 2
ply). This cost includes all the processing (washing, picking, carding, blending, spinning and plying). This service
is offered especially for the non-spinner who desires a specialty yarn and to also meet the needs of those who
would like to take advantage of our Pet Fur processing/blending services.

We are offering you the chance to have your favorite dog, cat, or bunny fur made into roving or yarn. This usually
requires some percentage of wool be added to your collected fur. The wool charge will be extra. Please contact me
for more details about this specialty service.

A $5.00 per pound deposit is required to process your order. After processing, an invoice will be emailed (or
to you with the remaining balance (including the cost to ship your fiber back to you). Once the balance is
paid, your finished fiber will be promptly shipped.

If you are shipping your fiber to us, please include detailed written instructions for what you want done with your
fiber. Also, include on a notecard or separate piece of paper inside the box, the following information: your name,
address, phone number
(and email address, if available). Please weigh your fiber before you pack it in the box and
send a check or money order for the deposit at the rate of $5/lb. If you prefer to use a credit card, you may call to
give that information to me (989-297-9842). Do not hesitate to phone me with any questions before you mail your

Of course, you are welcome to deliver your fleeces directly to the mill. Please be sure to phone or email ahead of
time to make an appointment. We are also happy to give you a wool skirting demonstration if you come to the mill.

Heritage Flock Fiber Mill
Jill Deitsch, Propreitess
4009 N. Eastman Rd.
Midland, MI 48642

*Prices are subject to change without notice
Affordable fiber processing for the small farm shepherd!