Prefelt Service
With the addition of the Belfast Mini Mills Felting Table, we can
now offer our customers the advantage of pre-felting their felt batts!

Why prefelt? As all wet felters know, the labor involved in getting roving or
batts transformed into sheets of felted fabric is time consuming and messy.
We can take your felting batts and prefelt them for you in single layers or
multiple layers.

Or you can schedule time in the mill and design your prefelt fabric yourself.
email Jill for more information or phone 989-297-9842.

To learn more about the process, check the photos below of Mikaela Gisch
prefelting dog beds that she offers for sale. Each of the two dog beds below
are from one pound wool batts, with roving embellishment on top.
Mikaela begins by splitting the wool batts and she layers the wool in a "criss cross"
pattern to provide better strength to the felted piece. After she has shaped the base,
she adds roving for color and pattern.
The next step is to add very hot water mixed with
soap so she sprinkles it over the batts liberally. Then
she secures the decorations on top to make sure they
are in place before closing the top of the machine.
The top of the felting machine is extremely heavy, so it is lowered with care and then there are four
clamps that will be tightened down. As they are tightened, the water squeezes out onto the floor of the
studio. So we all have to be careful not to slip on the wet floor! Below right, the machine is now ready to
be activated.
Mikaela's batts are shown below after the first 30 minutes of agitation. The batts are
now repositioned for maximum agitation during the next 30 minutes and additional hot
water will be added. Because wools felt at different rates, it may take more time to get
the felted pieces completed. Some needle felting, done by hand, may be needed in order
to secure some top pieces, especially if the wools are from different breeds of sheep.
Below is an example of another one of Mikaela's nice and cushy dog beds,
This is an example of a thinner layered piece, soft and drapey; it
would be lovely made into a vest.